About Us

Purpose Through Inclusion

We embrace the philosophy that disability is a natural part of the individual, and that every individual should have the opportunity to live a productive life, in spite of their specific challenges.
Many adults with developmental disabilities have no state funding for services after they age out of the public school system (one day before their 22nd birthday). Without services, these individuals may become disempowered, depressed and may regress in their already acquired skills. For those who can’t watch themselves, a parent may have to quit work to stay at home with the child. Everybody Is Somebody Residential Community, Inc. was formed exclusively as a 501 (c)3 charitable organization to provide a unique approach to long-term support that will lessen the dependence on the state government for funding. Our facility will include on-site businesses, job training, an IT lab, a greenhouse where we will grow and sell plants & produce, and group homes that will house the residents. Our main business will be a coffee/sandwich shop where we will employee the residents. A portion of their income earned will go towards sustaining the facility, so that those without funding will have the ability for an inclusive life without waiting on the state for funding.